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E Med Pro Omega Standard Version

Software Features

Full Practice Management E Med ProŠ allows you to track Billing, Payments, Account Receivable and Estimated Income for service rendered.  You can track your billing by Insurance and Patient Balance.  Payments are tracked by Insurance Payments, Patient Payments, Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Accounts Receivable can be tracked by Patient, Insurance Carrier, and Patient out of pocket.
Patient Accounting E Med ProŠ stores all patient information, including insurance, employer information, co-pay, previous and current claim detail. Log all input and data changes by user.  Patient ledger and balance with single click of the mouse.  Balances are identified by insurance or patient, plus aging.  Internal office notes for individual claims, and custom alerts for special notices on a patient.
Standard and Custom Report Features E Med ProŠ has the following standard reports:
  • Patient List
  • Patient Aging Report
  • Insurance Aging Report
  • Transaction List
  • Detailed Billing Report
  • Financial Analysis Report
  • Procedure Analysis Report
  • Diagnosis Analysis Report
  • Facility Analysis Report
  • Referring Provider Report

Custom Report Feature allows you to generate by sorting on any information that is inputted into the computer.  This feature is totally customizable and allows you to control the appearance of reports generated.

Patient Scheduler E Med ProŠ Scheduler is allows patient scheduling on the fly.  It can be custom set to appropriate office open and closing times, scheduling increments of 5 minutes, 10, and 15 and so on.  Allows you to preset standard visit descriptions and the associated time.  Time blocks for lunch, meeting, vacation, and holidays.  Custom schedules for doctors, hospital rounds or other scheduling needs.  Tracks all scheduling events by user, time, and day entered.  Reports include daily schedule of patients, time, phone and reason for visit.  Prints encounter slips or superbill giving patient name, insurance information, attending doctor, insurance and patient balance for increase collections.  Search to make appointments in first open slot and search for an appointment by patient information.  Search for patient appointment is used when patient forgets their appointment and calls.
E Med ProŠ Auditor and Editor This feature insures that all your claims are error free.  It checks for missing and incorrect information, CPT, ICD9 codes accuracy.  Checks that ID numbers are correct for specific insurance carriers, and that dates of services, place of services correspond to location and CPT code.  Also, edit claims for carrier specific information.  The E Med ProŠ audit feature is responsible for the 98% acceptance history of with all claim processed with our software.
Help Features E Med ProŠ offers online assistance, F1 field specific help and warning messages on the fly.  Also, we have phone, fax and email support if you have purchased annual support.
HIPAA Direct Transmission With E Med ProŠ you are able to transmit to every carrier and clearinghouse that accepts the HIPAA format.